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Dnipro Formation Module joined the territorial defense and appealed for help

Part of the crew of the Dnipro musical formation Module joined the local brigade of territorial defense and set up a base in the premises of the club. The fighters applied for help to buy military equipment

Among the crew members are Module co-founder Mykyta Kozachynskyi, bartender Yuriy Denysenko, electrical and communications engineer Sasha Seglar, and producer Serhiy Veretennikov.

Mykyta Kozachynskyi told DTF Magazine in a commentary that the immediate needs of the brigade are as follows:

— 30 helmets.

— Night vision devices. 

— Three drones (Mavic 2,3 zoom).

— Four laptops: Microsoft surface 7.8 (16, 32 gb Ram) and Macbook Pro (16.32 gb Ram).

— Quiet hybrid civilian vehicle for reconnaissance.

Financial aid requisites:


SWIFT (for transfers in dollars and euros):



Account in the beneficiary’s bank (PrivatBank):




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Допис, поширений Kurs Valut (@kursvalutband)

Mykyta told Resident Advisor in a commentary that he was in Germany a month ago and could have stayed there, but «wanted to return to Ukraine to be there for his people». 

«I decided to volunteer as a soldier on the first day of the war. There are four people from Module in my team. A total of about 12 people from our community went into the army. They are DJs, musicians, and our club staff. Two more people from our community also wanted to join, but for health reasons they went into the reserves». 

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