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Electronic musician NEONKNIGHT has released his first album. He will present it at the Strichka festival

The first full-length album by Kyiv musician NEONKNIGHT is called FUTUREPAST. You can listen to it on streaming platforms, and the live presentation of the release will take place at the Strichka electronic music festival on May 20

Unlike previous works, the emphasis in the new album by NEONKNIGHT is on instrumental music. It contains eight tracks, including the previously presented single PULSE.

«While working on the album, I wanted to focus more on the music and the harmonies rather than on the texts and the lyrics. I wanted there to be less words and more dynamics. I guess it also has to do with the times we live in now. Words are superfluous here, but there’s a lot of emotion», NEONKNIGHT said.

According to the musician, the main theme of the album is the connection between the past and the future.

«Two years ago I was very surprised when I wrote the opening track of FUTUREPAST. It was very different from previous releases. I loved how my past led to such an unexpected result. Our past determines our future, and our future turns into the past over time, — it’s both a kind of strength and sadness. It’s probably also my eternal thirst for nostalgia and inability to let go». 

NEONKNIGHT is an experimental electronic project of Kyiv indie artist Yura Shevchenko. He combines classical school and vintage analog synth sound, supplementing all this with aggressive drum beats and basslines.

In May 2020 he released his first EP Moonlight and the single Eyes. In the fall of 2021 the musician presented a four-track EP I DON’T KNOW LOVE. 


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