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Kyiv brand m0d44 released a new fall drop

The M0D44 brand has introduced a new collection, M044007. The team continues to work with workwear aesthetics

The new collection features T-shirts, longsleeves, sweatshirts and hoodies made of thick cotton, oversize pants made of canvas. It includes accessories such as knitted hats, balaclavas, large and thin scarves.

Two print T-shirts in yellow and blue were part of the drop.

«We couldn’t get past Pantone Freedom Blue. Our version is made by human hands for humans», the m0d44 team added.

The accent of the new collection was made on the basic oversize clothes.

«Freedom doesn’t just manifest itself in loose fitting. It’s in every step on the street or up the stairs. After all, it’s on the way up the mountain», the brand team said.

You can buy items from the new drop on the m0d44 website, as well as in TSUM, «LID» stores, Spazio, Ostriv and NewbornK.

m0d44 is a Kyiv-based brand created by co-founder and former Syndicate art director Anton Abo. It focuses on the aesthetics of workwear and redefines the influence of Eastern and Western civilizations on local culture.

The brand presented its debut collection in November 2019. In an interview with DTF Magazine, Anton told about the idea behind the brand, the use of eco-friendly materials, and plans for the future:

Locals: Kyiv-based workwear brand m0d44 by Syndicate co-founder Anton Abo

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