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Kyiv brand M1R has released a collection with photos of Ukrainian cities

M1R brand presented a new limited edition collection Postcards from UA dedicated to Ukrainian cities. You can buy the items on the website — each item is presented in an amount of 20 pieces

The team said that they began collecting images from friends back in the fall. In the winter before the full-scale war in Ukraine, they planned to dedicate the collection to the theme of travel.

«Now it’s a collection about places we hope to visit again and places that are hard to think about without pain, towns and villages where family and friends are left behind and we can’t see them right now. But this drop is also about the dreamy hope that things will return to their places», M1R explains.

The new collection consists of 22 items such as unisex T-shirts, shirts, shorts, pants and several models of bomber jackets, as well as dresses and corsets. Silk, satin, velour, classic soft tricot and cotton were used for the production.

The clothes were supplemented with prints with the same photos provided by 60 friends of the brand. They depict, for example, the Carpathian mountains, the winter Dnipro, the facade of Zhytniy Market in Kyiv, and the entrance of a residential building in Mariupol.

Postcards are also available on the site with the photos that formed the basis of the prints.

The M1R team added that the lookbook of Postcards from UA «was shot with our eyes closed as a symbol of fear and worry that a lot of our favorite places we can’t see».

In addition, everyone who wants to share his photos of his favorite places in Ukraine can send them to the brand’s team. They will be added to the new items, which will then go on sale together with the postcards.

The team also held presentations of the collection in Kyiv, Berlin and Amsterdam, during which they raised funds to support the volunteer initiative «Livyj bereh». Another presentation is planned in Copenhagen — the event will be announced in M1R social networks.

M1R is a Kyiv-based brand founded by Myroslava Shevchenko. It started its activities at the don’t Take Fake festival in 2018.

The team positions M1R as a «platform for creativity» and says that «combining emotions and experiences creates clothing and accessory designs».

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