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Kyiv Syndicate raises funds to sew tactical shirts for the military

Syndicate announced a new fundraiser to sew summer tactical shirts for the Ukrainian military. The team needs to raise 40,000 EUR to buy the necessary materials

The base of the shirt is made of moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, which will not create discomfort when wearing the bulletproof vest. The sleeves are made of flame-retardant and abrasion-resistant ripstop material, which complies with NATO uniform standards.


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Допис, поширений SYNDICATE KYIV (@sndct_kyiv)

Syndicate says that materials can only be purchased in a mandatory minimum quantity from a supplier — so there will be enough fabric to sew 2,000 shirts. The cost of each is 25 EUR, the total amount of the batch is 50 thousand EUR. The team has already raised 10 thousand EUR on its own.

Payment details:


Shevchuk Taras Petrovych
EDRPOU: 3000305618
Purpose of payment: charitable donation


[email protected]

Payment details for cryptocurrency:

BTC: 1HZSFqjeibUjjBsRHVEA5dVTiPSEu8Xnmb (Bitcoin)
ETH: 0x0107d24133b3b7bba142c0cef45929c7a4788aca (ERC20)
USDT: 0x0107d24133b3b7bba142c0cef45929c7a4788aca (ERC20)

This is the second fundraiser initiated by Syndicate to create clothing for the Ukrainian military. The team sewed thermal underwear for the AFU and territorial defense in March.

The brand received 591 thousand UAH in less than seven hours, while the necessary amount was 340 thousand UAH for the purchase of materials. Syndicate specified that they sent all the rest of the money to additional needs of the military.


Переглянути цей допис в Instagram


Допис, поширений SYNDICATE KYIV (@sndct_kyiv)

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