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New place: The K Hole vinyl store in Kyiv

The K Hole is located on Kyiv’s Podil (37, Nyzhniy Val) and specializes in heavy electronic music. Its founders are DJ, producer Beth Alana and party planner Adrian Scheer, who moved to Kyiv from Berlin, and Ukrainian DJ Ilya Novikov, who worked with Схеmа and the club MetaCulture 

Beth «couldn’t find a store in Kyiv that sold records with heavy music such as schranz, hardcore and hard trance» and that’s why she had the idea to open The K Hole.

«I approached local DJs and they only confirmed that it’s problematic to get this kind of vinyl in Ukraine. Underground DJs have nowhere to buy the bangers they need for the dancefloor and they have to look for everything online. I realized that I had to bring a piece of Berlin to Kyiv in the form of shiny black records», — Beth told DTF Magazine.

The place for the store was originally chosen on Nyzhniy Val «in order to be close to the clubs and cultural spaces».

«Our space is beautiful, but it’s psychedelic in its own way. It doesn’t have a single flat wall, the bricks aren’t arranged in strict lines, and the black mosaic floors can send you into a real trip», —Beth described the store in a commentary for Resident Advisor.

«A store like this is important. It’s a unique source of rare and interesting vinyls that weren’t available to local listeners before. I think the store has the potential to influence the Kyiv club scene», — Ilya commented.

According to Beth, most of The K Hole’s customers are European tourists, local DJs and vinyl collectors, «some of whom are 60 years old or even older».

The team plans to hold small regular parties and supervise larger events in partnership with Kyiv clubs. The K Hole also wants to hold workshops.


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Допис, поширений The K Hole – Record Store (@thekhole.kyiv)


Переглянути цей допис в Instagram


Допис, поширений The K Hole – Record Store (@thekhole.kyiv)

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