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Kyiv brand Broq presented jewelry in the shape of a trigeminal nerve in support of the Hospitallers

Project detailsThe team of the Kyiv brand Broq together with their friends, who supported them and helped to realize the idea, presented a new project “I see. I hear. I feel”. For this initiative, they made 150 items of aluminum gathered from a destroyed russian tank. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Hospitallers organization for the purchase of medical pickup trucks

What does the jewelry look like

According to the founder of Broq, Anya Kharabuha, this project aims to support the Ukrainian resistance in our ongoing fight for survival.

The pendant design is based on the work of the Odesa artist stanislover (we told you more about him here), who drew 100 tridents and gave them away for free use, subject to a donation to the AFU. Broq redesigned the drawing of the trigeminal nerve on the trident as a tangible embodiment of the “I see. I hear. I feel” of the nation. The pendant can be worn as an earring, or as a neckpiece.

It is made of aluminum gathered from a destroyed russian tank.

“Once part of their colonization machine, it is now part of our ongoing resistance”, the team says.

You can buy the jewelry on the Broq website. The price is 200 EUR.

Photos by Anton Orekhov

Who participated in the project

Mark — the main character of the video made for the project — is a stand-up comedian who at the age of 19 left the occupied Irpin, where he lived, volunteered, and then came to Broq to learn jewelry making. He stayed with the team, and now he is the founder of the stand-up club.

The Ukrainian brand unmere and the vintage clothing store distinctive.clo provided clothing for the video shoot. Also, according to Anya, her 78-year-old jewelry-making teacher began casting aluminum, although “no one wanted to take the non-precious metal into production”.

Why does the project have such a name

The “I see. I hear. I feel” project is named after the algorithm used in tactical medicine to check for consciousness and breathing. That is, the medic has to see the movements of his/her hand and the movements of the victim’s chest, hear the victim’s breathing with the ear, and feel it with the cheek.


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Anya Kharabuha started working in the jewelry industry in 2019, and she launched the Broq brand in early 2020.

The brand’s team is inspired by the beauty of imperfection, the fluidity of time and life, gender neutrality and natural textures. The brand produces earrings, earcuffs, rings and hand jewelry — they are abstract and impossible to describe clearly.

We told you more about the history and philosophy of Broq in our interview with Anya:

“I was inspired by the way moss grows and decay processes take place”. Meet the Kyiv-based jewelry brand Broq

Broq was also one of the brands that released a collaboration with the don’t Take Fake art space MOT. For the gift store, the brand created rings, bracelets and earcuffs in silver that were specially oxidized. Read about the collaboration here.

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