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Illia «Gandalf» Samoilenko starred in the new campaign of the Indposhiv brand

Ukrainian brand Indposhiv showed a new campaign of Bespoke line, the hero of which was a defender of Ukraine from the Azov Regiment with the call sign «Gandalf» Illia Samoilenko. Especially for the soldier the brand team created a suit with custom cut of the left sleeve — in 2017 during the fighting in the east of Ukraine Samoilenko lost his arm

«During the 8 years of war, Illia has changed. He survived captivity. He lost an arm and an eye. For him, we created an improved design of one of the sleeves for comfort and perfect fit. This is the same individualized Bespoke approach that we cherish so much», the Indposhiv team commented on the campaign.

Illia says in the video: «It’s not just armor, it’s something bigger. This is the form, both in the psychological and philosophical sense, and in my own military sense. A man’s suit is a derivative of a military uniform. Stitches, color, lining, material, everything matters. It’s an unchanging tradition, it is a skill, it is a craft… This is a piece of history that you put on, which doesn’t age. It is classic».

Indposhiv Bespoke is the brand’s clothing line, which is sewn to order. Each suit is 80% handmade by tailors to ensure a personalized fit, the absence of even the slightest discomfort and «a feeling of total freedom with a clear silhouette».

«So the suit becomes an extension of your personality», the Indposhiv team says.

In October 2022 Indposhiv presented a campaign of the new collection of men’s clothing, the face of which was a lawyer and soldier of the AFU Masi Nayyem. According to the team, in this way they «want to show what our country and our men are going through now, and most importantly, what changes Ukrainian men’s fashion has undergone».

After the start of a full-scale war, lawyer and veteran of combat operations in Donbas Masi Nayyem joined the ranks of the AFU. In June he was seriously wounded. Because of this he was left without one eye.

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