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Kyiv brand keep presented a new lookbook of backpacks and bags

The new spring keep lookbook features items from previous drops of 2022, new items and accessories from the eco-friendly line called keep it green. The photos were supplemented with items by the Kyiv brand O(FourFour)

Among the new items are Arakawa bags and Flatiron backpacks made of Cordura in new colors — olive and gray, as well as a new model of Koktebel backpack made of crushed parachute fabric.

In a comment for DTF Magazine, founder Mykola Serezitinov told us that the latter is a kind of reinterpretation of the look of the vintage Parachute backpacks by Nike. He added that the name of the new backpacks refers to the Crimean city of the same name, just like all the brand’s products that have a connection to certain locations.

«The name Koktebel came to my mind, apparently, because I am originally from Feodosia, and Koktebel is its satellite city. It’s very dear to my heart, and I hope that very soon we will be able to go there again, in the Ukrainian Crimea», Mykola said.

Koktebel backpacks are available in three colors: menthol, navy blue and brown.

The models’ images were complemented with O(FourFour) brand items. According to Serezitinov, keep and O(FourFour) «are very close in style and audience», and this collaboration «brought the brands closer together and inspired them to further partnership». Mykola also styled the shoot.


The keep brand was created as a backpack brand called WE ARE ABLE. In 2017, after six years in business, it was rebranded and changed its approach to producing accessories.

The founder of keep, Mykola Serezitinov, told us more about this in our article.

The keep brand focuses on urban aesthetics: it promotes Kyiv in its campaigns and creates collaborations with local artists and teams, including the don’t Take Fake festival, The Village, and street artists OBIES and RUBAE.

In 2021, the brand launched an eco-line — keep it green.


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