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Kyiv brand O(FourFour) has released a new fall-winter collection

Kyiv-based brand O(FourFour) presented its tenth drop, called EXTEND, a collection of fall and winter clothes, which «is the embodiment of the brand’s experimental and expansive approach» to making clothes

According to the team, they divide their annual production cycle into two seasons, spring-summer and fall-winter. For the former, they focus on proven basic items, «making evolutionary changes in their style and architecture», while working on the latter they experiment more, working with new silhouettes and expanding the range.

In the new collection O(FourFour) for the first time presented their models of outerwear, namely vests THOR and INDRA. The silhouettes are inspired by the look and functionality of life jackets and military plate carriers.

The waterproof quilted vests are made of 100% recycled polyester. Highly functional biosynthetic down was used as an insulating filler.

In contrast to the minimalist THOR, the INDRA model was supplemented with a large front pocket and several additional pockets, as well as two zippers and a drawstring at the bottom.

The brand also released two new models of pants namely ORI and OBU Cargo pants.

At O(FourFour) the ORI silhouette is called one of the most complex designs in the range. Voluminous pants are made of several structural elements, which are folded into the finished item by the example of origami, and are supplemented with pockets, drawstrings and double elastic band at the waist.

The OBU cargo pants are «the brand’s tribute to the mass Ukrainian volunteer movement». The workwear-inspired pants are complemented by several functional exterior and interior pockets.

EXTEND also includes a RESS sweater, which is the first knitwear in the O(FourFour) range, a thick AIUR longsleeve and a free-fitting GAIA fleece hoodie. Accessories in the collection are represented by SILEX laptop case.

«We are under the heavy influence of a barbaric military invasion like any other Ukrainian collective. Our urban and natural environment is as much under attack as our people and our values. But still we accept the challenge, adapting our work to the new reality, partly drawing inspiration from protective gear, and thus once again discovering new approaches to the diversity and complexity of our products», the O(FourFour) team explains.

 You can buy items from the new collection on the website of the brand.

O(FourFour) is a Kyiv-based brand founded in 2019. At first it produced women’s water sports clothes, and the main item of the brand was bodysuits made of compression fabric. Now the brand also produces women’s, men’s, and unisex clothing, including t-shirts, longsleeves, and hoodies.

The team uses functional materials to make all items and tries to find sustainable options for production. For example, they use Econyl fabric based on recycled ocean plastic to create swimwear, bodysuits and leggings. Instead of neoprene, O(FourFour) uses the American material Yulex, from which the outdoor brand Patagonia makes items.

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