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Pilsok has released a collection of backpacks and bags made from recycled airbags

Ukrainian accessories brand Pilsok has launched an upcycled line consisting entirely of two backpacks and a bag made from car airbags. You can buy them on the brand’s Instagram

In a commentary to DTF Magazine, the Pilsok team told us, for example, that it takes about three airbags to create one backpack. They are all made of waterproof and durable nylon with polyurethane impregnation.

«The idea to convert some material into backpacks has been around for a long time, but there were no materials that I wanted to do it with. The idea of using sails or old parachutes came to mind, but it was difficult to implement, it was hard to find them, — they say about the idea of creating an upcycled line in Pilsok. — So gradually we went through the options and looked for cool and more or less affordable material, and eventually we came across airbags taken from disassembled cars».

In the process of creating the accessories, the team cuts each airbag and then separately combines them with each other. Because of this, each item has a unique design.

The white nylon material of the airbags was complemented with contrasting orange, light green and blue elements and seams, as well as lacing, drawstrings and carabiners.

The upcycled line will feature only backpacks and bags made from recycled airbags. In the future, the team will incorporate recycling into other processes as well, such as producing some of the items from leftover fabrics.

Pilsok is a Kyiv-based brand of backpacks, bags and accessories founded by Dmytro Isaienko in 2007. The most iconic item of the brand was a roll-top backpack with a top that can be rolled up.

All Pilsok accessories down to the fittings are made in their workshop in Kyiv.

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