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Syndicate released a collaboration with artist Vova Vorotniov

The brand prepared a series of T-shirts together with the Ukrainian artist. Syndicate released T-shirts with one of Vorotniov’s prints, and will present two more designs by the end of May

According to Vova, he designed the War is Murder print in February, after the start of a full-scale war. He was inspired by Meat is Murder, the 1985 album by the British band The Smiths.

For the cover of the LP, The Smiths used a promotional poster for the 1968 American anti-war documentary In the Year of the Pig, directed by Emile de Antonio. It depicted an American soldier, Michael Wynn, with the inscription Make War Not Love on his helmet. The text was a twisted irony of the popular 1960s slogan Make Love Not War.

The same picture of the soldier was printed on Syndicate T-shirts, and on the side of it they added Ukraine and 24/02/2022, the date of the full-scale russian offensive against Ukraine.

«Brutal unceremonious old-fashioned warfare looks like an unfortunate joke in the 21st century. Unfortunately, however, this is reality. The bargaining chip in war is murder. War is Murder is neither a pacifist slogan nor a militarist one. It is just a statement of fact», — the artist Vova Vorotniov explains.

You can buy T-shirts from the collaboration on the website of the brand and in the store on Reitarska Street.

Syndicate launched a fundraiser to sew summer tactical shirts for the Ukrainian military in May.

The team needs to raise 40 thousand EUR to purchase the necessary wear-resistant, fire-resistant and breathable materials. Money can be donated to Ukrainian and international accounts, as well as in cryptocurrency.


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