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The keep brand and the FUSION formation have released a collaboration. It’s a new bag model

Ukrainian brand of backpacks and bags keep and jazz formation FUSION have released a joint bag model Fjørd mini FUSION x keep. CORDURA®. You can buy it in the keep showroom at 17B Yaroslaviv Val Street and online

The bag is made from gray Cordura 500D and mint-colored nylon rip-stop fabrics. Paracord was used for the strap.

In a commentary to DTF Magazine, keep founder Mykola Serezitinov said that they were inspired by jazz in the design of the joint bag, and «improvised and looked for resonant intervals in the process». 

«From the very beginning of my acquaintance with FUSION, I immediately fell in love with their style, taste, what they do. It wasn’t enough for me to just be their loyal fan, so I was happy to merge our creative manifestations into a collaboration», Serezitinov explained.

«When we were teenagers and in high school, keep was already cool for all of us. It was something fresh, something that was born in Kyiv and blossomed with the city. The keep brand combined form and color, turning it into a combo product and were always picky about the little details, but what’s important — they still are. Subsequently, we learned how their product is created, and this process is something similar to what we create at FUSION», the FUSION team commented on the collaboration.

The bags were made at the keep production facility in Chernihiv. The brand produced a total of 50 Fjørd mini Fusion x keep. CORDURA®, however, can replicate the drop if there is demand for it.

The keep brand was created as a backpack brand called WE ARE ABLE. In 2017, after six years in business, it was rebranded and changed its approach to accessory production.

The keep brand focuses on urban aesthetics: it promotes Kyiv in its campaigns and creates collaborations with local artists and teams, including the don’t Take Fake festival, The Village and street artists OBIES and RUBAE.

In 2021, the brand launched an eco-linekeep it green.

The first event of the series of music jams FUSION was held on March 3, 2019. The main goal of the project is to develop and promote modern directions of jazz in Ukraine.

FUSION events take place in a jam session format: musicians who want to participate send in their applications, the organizers choose among them and create a list of participants, and at the event they draw names at random and form improvised bands, which then create music in real time.

In March, the team launched an independent contemporary jazz label called No Time For Swing. We told you more about it in our article.

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