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The First Book on Ukrainian Object Design Releases

Supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, a publisher СР PUBLISHING has released the book ‘Object Design in Ukraine: Furniture, Lighting, and Decoration’. This is the second edition of a series dedicated to Ukrainian designers, architects, and their projects

‘Object Design in Ukraine: Furniture, Lighting, and Decoration’ is a catalogue of items created and manufactured by Ukrainian designers over the past five years. Also, the book introduces concepts that have not yet materialized.

In total, the edition includes 70 professional and original pieces of furniture, lighting, and decoration by 30 Ukrainian designers, architects, and studios.

‘Ukrainian object design is going beyond the local limits, as it is becoming international. It is distinguished by aesthetics, quality, laconic forms, and functionality. Designers create extremely interesting items based on national cultural traditions and Ukrainian handicraft techniques: such items always catch the attention of the professional community worldwide’, Lusiia Bondar, the compiler and founder of CP PUBLISHING, described the edition.

Visit the publisher’s website to order the book.

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