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Berlin will host an exhibition of works by deceased photojournalist Maks Levin

On April 8, the organization of Ukrainians in Berlin Vitsche and Warsaw’s Pilecki Institute will organize an exhibition of works by Ukrainian photographer Maks Levin, who was killed by the russian military in the Kyiv region in March. It will open at 6 p.m. (7 p.m. Kyiv time) and run for the next week

Levin’s photo and video work will be shown during the exhibition, and his colleagues and friends will join the event via video link.


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Here are a few of Maks Levin’s recent photos taken during March in the Kyiv region.

For more than 10 years Maksym worked for, cooperated with Reuters, BBC and Associated Press agencies, and his photos were published in Wall Street Journal, TIME and Vatican news.

Most of Levin’s documentary projects are related to the war in Ukraine, which has been going on in the east of the country since 2014.

Maks was one of the journalists who documented the events of the Battle of Ilovaisk. In 2014, together with his colleague Markiian Lyseiko, he founded the documentary project AFTER ILOVAISK, dedicated to the Ukrainian military.

The reported that on March 13, photojournalist Maks Levin, accompanied by serviceman and former photographer Oleksiy Chernyshov, traveled to the Huta-Mezhyhirska village in Kyiv Region in order to document the consequences of russian aggression in Ukraine.

They left the car and went in the direction of the Moschun village – since then the contact with both men has been lost. Subsequently, it became known that active hostilities had broken out in the area.

The police found Maks Levin’s body on April 1. According to the Vyshhorod District Prosecutor’s Office, the unarmed photographer was killed by russian soldiers with two shots from small arms. The whereabouts of Oleksiy Chernyshov are still unknown.

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