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ESSENCE: O(FourFour) has released a new spring drop

Kyiv brand O(FourFour) presented the first part of the spring-summer drop ESSENCE. It is dedicated to the theme of city tourism, and you can buy items on the website of the brand

The first part of the collection includes 15 pieces that are «comfortable to wear during long walks». According to the team, in ESSENCE they focused on creating more complex silhouettes and detailing.

«It’s a very iconic moment for me because, looking back, our city tourism series items were very simple. Now the items from the first part of ESSENCE are technical works of art. I especially like the way we’ve started to dive into construction. I can safely say that this part of our drop is constructional-designer», Vita Nozdrachova, the founder of O(FourFour), commented on the new drop.

The spring drop consists of a trekking combo of three separate items: a CARRIER vest, SHELL and CUT skirts, SATI and JUNGLE longsleeves, LC 1 and LC 2 bodysuits, a GHOST jersey, NORI pants, a TEMPEST haori jacket, a MANTA zip top, a VORTEX T-shirt and hoodie.

The CARRIER layered utilitarian vest is equipped with two pairs of pockets, large zipped and small micro-mesh, as well as with garter-like decorative straps. The model’s fit is highly adjustable with front and back corset-like drawstrings.

The SHELL long transformer skirt has 11 basic styles, provided via the zipped bottom slits and the drawstring system on the waist. The model is made of 100% recycled polyester fabric.

The short, minimalist CUT skirt features a two-step fastening system with a hidden laser-cut velcro strap and a snap-fit buckle belt. The model is also completed with a functional belt loop for a carabiner and semi-hidden branded patch.

The two new longsleeves, SATI and JUNGLE, are made of a light and breathable perforated technological fabric. They are made from polyester yarn obtained from the recycling of plastic waste, such as bottles or films.

The LC 1 and LC 2 bodysuits are decorated with new prints, and the GHOST jersey is made of a technologically textured fabric that provides breathability, quick-drying and UV protection.

Among the accessories in the drop, there is the gray SYNAPSE balaclava, a new version of the SEER balaclava created by O(FourFour) in collaboration with the «Module of Temporality» art space.

The brand team will present the second part of the drop, dedicated to the water element, at the end of May.

 In February, the Kyiv brand O(FourFour) and MOT art space by the don’t Take Fake team presented a limited-edition collaboration. For it, O(FourFour) rethought its iconic silhouettes: THORI vest, MOTH longsleeve, SEER balaclava, and ORYX laptop cover.

O(FourFour) is a Kyiv-based brand founded in 2019. At first it produced women’s water sports clothes, and the main item of the brand was a bodysuit made of compression material. Now the brand also produces women’s, men’s and unisex clothing, including T-shirts, hoodies and longsleeves.

The team uses functional materials to make all items and tries to find sustainable options for production. For example, they use Econyl fabric made from recycled ocean plastic to create swimwear, bodysuits and leggings. Instead of neoprene, O(FourFour) uses the American material Yulex, from which Patagonia, an outdoor brand, makes clothes.

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