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First look: The new drop by Kyiv brand m0d44

The brand called m0d44 presented a new collection consisting of T-shirts and shirts with prints. All items are made of cotton with peach effect to soften the fabrics.

In a comment for DTF Magazine, the brand team told us that the prints had been designed before the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Their main theme was hyperreality, a term that represents the simulation of reality.

«Hyperreality is a hot topic of the last decade, especially now in Ukraine», the m0d44 team adds.

In addition, as in the collection presented in May, the team continues to «explore the visual noise that surrounds us». Most of the prints were based on processed photos, screenshots, image clippings and scans.

You can buy items from the new drop on the m0d44 website.

The team specified that the new shirts with prints are available in limited quantities: «At first we made prints on the fabric for bandanas, but because of its thickness they did not look as we wanted, so in the end we decided to make shirts».

m0d44 released a new spring/summer EAST-WEST UNIFORM collection in May. Work on it began before the full-scale war began, and the release was planned for March, but it was not completed until late spring. We told you more about the items here.

m0d44 is a Kyiv-based brand owned by Syndicate co-founder and former art director Anton Abo. It focuses on the aesthetics of workwear and redefines the influence of Eastern and Western civilizations on local culture.

The brand presented its debut collection in November. In an interview with DTF Magazine, Anton told us about the idea behind the brand, the use of eco-friendly materials and plans for the future:

Locals: Kyiv-based workwear brand m0d44 by Syndicate co-founder Anton Abo

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