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Functionality and mantras: O(FourFour) introduced a new winter drop

Kyiv-based brand O(FourFour) has released a new winter drop. It was divided into two parts, namely EXTEND+ (continuation of the brand’s tenth collection, presented in October) and QUAD (four new silhouettes of winter clothes)

The O(FourFour) team first introduced their own outerwear models in the October drop called EXTEND, namely THOR and INDRA vests, as well as two models of pants, sweaters, longsleeves, fleece hoodies and laptop bags.

The collection is now complete with VOLT balaclavas made of Polartec and HAMMER gloves made of 100% recycled polyester with Polartec fleece lining.

The main color in QUAD is white, unlike EXTEND, where the main silhouettes are in darker shades.

The team unveiled four new silhouettes, namely the waterproof quilted vests RHINO and VAYU, the KAIZEN hoodie in two colors, and the OM longsleeve with a guardian angel print on the back and a mantra on the sleeve.

As in the previous models of THOR and INDRA vests, highly functional biosynthetic down was used as a filler inside the vests.

The RHINO model is designed along the lines of the THOR model. The vest has a minimalist design, complete with side pockets and a zipper.

The functional anorak vest VAYU in O(FourFour) is called the «brother» of the INDRA model — in the new silhouette the zippers on the sides have been replaced by buttons. All other details, including large front and side pockets, as well as the drawstring at the bottom, remain the same.

The hoodies are presented in bright coral (KAI) and mint gray (ZEN) and decorated with oval embroidery in light lavender and neutral gray. O(FourFour) explains that the model name means «improvement» from Japanese, which is why it was chosen for an item that has previous versions.

The cotton oversize longsleeve OM is decorated with a phosphorescent guardian angel print on the back, created by Ukrainian designer Volodymyr Havrysh, and the White Tara mantra on the right sleeve.

You can buy items from the new collection on the website of the brand.

O(FourFour) is a Kyiv-based brand founded in 2019. At first it produced women’s water sports clothes, and the main item of the brand was bodysuits made of compression material. Now the brand also produces women’s, men’s and unisex clothing, including t-shirts, longsleeves and hoodies.

The team uses functional materials to make all items and tries to find sustainable options for production. For example, they use Econyl fabric made from recycled ocean plastic to create swimwear, bodysuits and leggings. Instead of neoprene, O(FourFour) uses the American material Yulex, from which Patagonia, an outdoor brand, makes clothes.

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