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‘I’m OK’: Andrii Barmalii presented his first solo release

Kyiv saxophonist Andrii Barmalii presented a music video for the first solo single ‘I’m OK’. The work will be included in the musician’s future LP

‘I’m OK’ is a combination of breakbeat and Andrii’s solo saxophone parts. Here’s how Barmalii describes the song: ‘It’s a composition-state familiar to everyone. It is self-soothing, seasoned with undisguised slyness. It is an answer to the frequent “how are you?”, and this answer does not have an ounce of truth in it, but it does not become less sincere’.

The video for the single was a kind of presentation of Andrii as an independent artist. The music video was directed by Vadym Pinyagin.

In the coming months, the musician plans to hold a series of events: performances, musical performances, during which ‘he will offer those who wish to get acquainted with his own vision of the world’. You can follow the announcements of the events on Andrii’s website.

Andrii Barmalii is a saxophonist and musician from Kyiv. His passion for music began when he was a child, and already in his university years he began to join various musical communities.

Barmalii is known for his regular participation in the FUSION series of music jams, playing in the bands Ziferblat, Hyphen Dash and CHUBAREENE, performing with the Yevhen Pugachov Quartet, as well as collaborating with Tonka, OTOY and the DNO band, and working on the Stas Koroliov 2 project.

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