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July. 13 items from Ukrainian brands that deserve attention

DTF Magazine continues the series of selections of items by Ukrainian brands. This time we’ve chosen 13 summer items, including basic clothing, accessories and items with prints.

The war theme remains one of the key themes in the collections of many Ukrainian brands, but now they try to work with it not so obviously, looking for new accents and approaches. For example, this is the theme of water reservoirs in Ukraine in O(FourFour) drop, reprinting of archival print RIOT DIVISION in new color interpretation, playing with shades of yellow and blue in panama RUSLAN BAGINSKIY or stories about cities-heroes in new ETNODIM embroidery


«Patron» Regular T-shirt

Price — 1 000 UAH

On July 23rd, the Naked Room Gallery hosted an exhibition of children’s drawings by «Nash Kyiv» media, Syndicate and the Pan Fund charitable foundation. Syndicate turned some of the works into T-shirt prints. The cotton «Patron» Regular T-shirt shows a dog named Patron with a Ukrainian. All money from the sale of the T-shirts will go to the Tabletochki charitable foundation to help children.



Price — 4 500 UAH

Kyiv-based workwear brand m0d44 released a drop of black and white screen printed T-shirts and shirts in July. «Now there’s only black and white between black and white. Shades of gray are the uncertainty of your position. The gray area is the place of doubt in your brain», the team explains the concept.



Price — 4 350 UAH

The new collection of basic clothing includes pants, shorts, windbreakers and T-shirts with minimalist prints. TILT TRACK JACKET DARK GRAY with the brand logo is made of polyamide and decorated with two pockets on the front and one on the side on the back.


Roll-top backpack

Price — 2 820 UAH

The feature of the new series consisting of a backpack, waist bag and slingpack is the mint color. The backpack has a secret pocket on the back, a self-contained laptop compartment and several pockets on the outside.



Price — 910 UAH

The shopper bag is made of transparent Dokdo ripstop nylon. This material is made in two factories around the world for the production of paragliders. The brand’s website says that the durable, silicone-coated fabric can hold up to 20 kilograms, and the shopper weighs 100 grams.



Price — 7 500 UAH

The theme of the new spring-summer clothing collection is the water areas of Ukraine, and the name of each item refers to the name of a particular body of water. The designers created this bodysuit in liquorice color with blue and green spots inspired by the Dnipro River. All bodysuits and swimwear are made of Econyl, a traditional material for O (FourFour) based on recycled ocean plastic. Read more about the collection here.

[Time Capsule] is a limited-edition reissue of the brand’s 2010, 2016 and 2018 collections. The latest drop includes six T-shirts in white, black and khaki with the brand logo in camouflage. All models are made of heavyweight premium cotton.


Linen shirt with embroidered cities-heroes Smilyvist

Price — 4 800 UAH (on sale soon)

The geometric tree of life is embroidered on the front of the linen shirt. Its branches depict the contours of the cities that suffered most during the war, namely Mariupol, Bucha, Irpin, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson, Chornobaivka, Volnovakha, and Zmiinyi Island.

Images of a man, woman and child holding hands as a symbol of family and unity are depicted on the yoke, back and cuffs.



Price — 1 300 UAH (order via DMs)

Kharkiv designer Nikita Laptinov launched the Heavy Projects project, which includes posters with city logos and the first drop. Among the items are basic T-shirts with the author’s trident print and longsleeves.

The longsleeves, made in collaboration with the Kharkiv barbershop Kooperativ, depict the Podil neighborhood in Kharkiv. Part of the money from the sale of the longsleeves will be given to Some People volunteers, who have been helping people in Kharkiv and the region since the first day of the war. Read more about the collection here.



Price — 300 EUR

Ukrainian brand RUSLAN BAGINSKY has released a hat collection for Italian luxury retailer LUISAVIAROMA. Baginsky says he was inspired by «Ukrainian culture, traditions, beauty, crafts and nature». The hats are all made of straw and fabric and the SOFT STRIPED BUCKET HAT is a combination of yellow and blue on a blue background. We told you about the other hats here.



Price — 500 UAH (order via DMs)

A Kyiv-based skateboard and clothing brand has released T-shirts with Asian-inspired prints. As noted on the brand’s Instagram, this is the first part of a summer drop. And the second part consists of longsleeves and hoodies.

«We purchased the fabric even before the russian aggression began, at first it was not clear what to do next, but nothing would stop us, so Maksym Pavlenko (brand founder — note from DTF Magazine) tweaked the colors to make it like in Cossack style and added hidden meanings, different dates in the matrix», is how the brand describes the T-shirts on Instagram. Read more about PAPA POWER here.


Keiko Hat Upcycle №1

Price — 1 500 UAH

The Poltava upcycled clothing brand’s new series includes four spherical panamas made from a keikogi jacket used for oriental martial arts. The panamas are quilted with thick cotton thread and feature a textured pattern. You can read more about the Tserkovnyj brand here.


Backpack N14-air bag

Price — 4 500 UAH (order via DMs)

The Kyiv-based backpack brand has launched an upcycle line of backpacks made from car airbags. «Each item will be unique because the airbags are not repeatable», the pilsok team explains.

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