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13 items from Ukrainian brands that deserve attention

The war has made it difficult, and in some cases impossible, for many local brands to operate. In spite of this, some of them have already adapted production to the new conditions, sewing for military needs and presenting new drops, somehow dedicated to the theme of war and resistance of the Ukrainian people.

We made a selection of 13 of these items from Ukrainian brands. By buying them, you can support not only a particular team, but also the AFU or humanitarian foundations — most of the brands featured in this post donate funds to charity


Noise Work Jacket and Pants

₴ 7 950 / ₴ 6 150

These clothes are from the brand’s new collection presented in May. The suit is made of raw and rigid denim and complemented by prints. According to the brand, they reflect «elements of the visual noise surrounding us in Kyiv».

Sort Company


€ 28 / ₴ 865

These are basic T-shirts with a print, released especially for the premiere of the new skate movie REMBER 5: WORLDWIDE. We told you more about it here.


24 02 T-shirt

$ 60 / ₴ 1800

These are black oversize T-shirts of the new Ukrainian brand ALCHEVSQUE, launched in March 2022.

They show the numbers 24.02, the date of the beginning of full-scale war in Ukraine and the scheme, according to which most Ukrainians taped up their windows to protect themselves from the shock wave.

The team donates 50% of the proceeds to Re:Ukraine, a project of a modular town for resettlers by balbek bureau.

Sasha Zayats

Tribute + Bullet hole pendants

$ 520

This is a silver pendant from the first collection of the jewelry brand Sasha Zayats.

The jewelry became a kind of reflection of one of her personal stories: more than 10 years ago, her father’s car was confused with another and shot out of a shotgun. The man survived, and the situation «made adjustments to Sasha’s perception of the world».



₴ 2 000

This is a joint charity drop by DTF Magazine and the Protoprojects brand.

We created a limited edition of 20 grey longsleeves together with Protoprojects two years ago, especially for the three-year anniversary of DTF Magazine. The collaboration was supposed to be released in a pop-up store at DTF Magazine Week in the former «Ukraine» Cinema back in March 2020, but plans were thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the key accents of the capsule is the print, which depicts iconic places of Kyiv in the style of Japanese engravings. Also, each longsleeve is hand-dyed using the garment dyed method (this may cause artifacts like pigmentation spots on the fabric).

Minus the cost of production, all earnings (1,500 UAH from each unit sold) will be donated to the «Come Back Alive» fund.

JUL x Ukrainian Folks

T-Shirt Galya Carries Water

₴ 999

It is a collaboration of Ukrainian brand JUL and ethnographic visual project Ukrainian folks. The basic T-shirts were supplemented with inscriptions with the name of the Ukrainian folk song «Galya Carries Water».

Riot Division


₴ 9 400

This is a functional summer bomber jacket from the brand’s new drop, introduced in May. The nylon outerwear has features such as adjustable sleeve length and a hidden pocket system. It is dyed in garment dye technique (a dyeing process performed on finished garments).

Riot Division gives the military a 50% discount on the purchase of clothing since the beginning of russia’s military aggression in 2014. Now it is available not only to combatants in the ATO and JFO zones, but also to military medics,employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and all soldiers of the AFU.



$ 27

This is a basic T-shirt in black and white with a silk-screen print «Ukraine».

All proceeds from sales are donated to the Kyiv Angels, a charitable organization that provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

ЕБАУТ + GRMN brand

Sweatshirt Superpower

₴ 1 360

This is a joint drop by the Ukrainian brand GRMN brand and the Ukrainian-language show «ebaut». Basic sweatshirts with the inscription «What’s your superpower? I’m ukrainian» are made in pastel yellow and blue colors.

The team donates part of the funds to the «Come Back Alive» charity fund.


Sweatshirt and T-Shirt Mriya

₴ 1 599 та ₴ 1 199

These are sweatshirts and T-shirts from the spring drop of the Kharkiv brand keepstyle. The clothes are decorated with a print of the largest plane in the world, the Ukrainian An-225 «Mriya», which was destroyed in the russian air attack on February 27.

95% of the money from sales goes to support the AFU.



$ 100

This is a charity drop by the Ukrainian brand CHAKSHYN, consisting of black and white T-shirts with the inscription THE CAPITAL OF FREEDOM in yellow and blue colors.

The team donates all proceeds to the Tabletochki foundation, which deals with children with cancer in Ukraine, the Helping.To.Leave project, which helps refugees and internally displaced people, and the Care For Kids Now foundation, which supports orphanages in the Odesa region.


Kyiv Chestnut Pendant

€ 65

These are golden chestnut-shaped pendants released by Bevza brand especially for the Day of Kyiv.

Syndicate x Vova Vorotniov

«Tryzub» T-shirt

$ 1 480

These are t-shirts from a collaboration between Kyiv brand Syndicate and Ukrainian artist Vova Vorotniov, decorated with a red embroidered tryzub encircled with a heart.

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