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KSENIASCHNAIDER introduced a new model of jeans

The brand KSENIASCHNAIDER showed a new model of Brick Jeans. This model will be included in the brand’s future spring-summer collection, which will be released in February 2023

Brand founder Ksenia Schnaider told DTF Magazine that the team was inspired by «urban patterns», such as those represented in the work of sculptor Rodney Harris.

Brick Jeans is based on the classic silhouette of KSENIASCHNAIDER oversize jeans. The «Brick» prints over denim were laser printed.

«When I brought the prototype of jeans home, my daughter told me she had a similar skin in the game Roblox. Of course, I was not inspired by the game, but I liked this coincidence, and I even added a screenshot from her game to the model’s announcement on Instagram», Ksenia added.


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The team focused on developing new silhouettes and modernizing classic models in the new KSENIASCHNAIDER Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

It included quilted jackets and vests, several models of jeans, as well as shirts, dresses, shorts, tops and skirts made of denim. Most of the clothes were decorated with laser-etched brick-wall prints.

KSENIASCHNAIDER and Kyiv concept store BASEMNT presented the FRAGMENT collaboration. It is a joint capsule collection of jeans inspired by the artistic avant-garde of the 20th century, «whose goal was to break with everything old and create a new system of values and a new society».

The models from the collaboration are presented in four variants. Each pair is made in double collage technique and combines denim material of two colors namely black with white, white with black, blue with white and gray with white.

All the jeans were complemented with a green patch with the inscription «JEANS» on the back of the waistband. These are the first KSENIASCHNAIDER models where the word «JEANS» on the back is written in Ukrainian.

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