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Locals: Minimalist raincoats by the Kyiv brand Arch

DTF Magazine previously had a «Find of the Week» column, but we thought it would be more logical to split it into two new ones. Now we’re going to introduce you to the most interesting brands from different countries in the column «Who to Follow», and we’ll tell you about new Ukrainian brands in «Locals». Our new hero is the Kyiv brand Arch

About the brand

Arch launched in September 2019 — the presentation of the debut collection took place in Kyiv «Kashtan». For now, Arch only offers rainсoats, but its team is positioning itself as a brand of basic clothing.

«Arch was not intended to be a mono-brand, the raincoat was the first thing we released for the season. We plan to release collections of basic casual wear next, — brand founder Likeria tells DTF Magazine. — We analyzed the market and saw that many brands with a full clothing line are developing their vision of the raincoat. We decided to start there».

Arch consists of three people: «One of the team members is responsible for creating models, the second is responsible for the visual part, and the third is responsible for communication with customers», Likeria says.

About the name and the logo

«First of all, we were inspired by architecture: “ARCH” means ​​“arch“ in English, but it’s also short for architecture. The corner in the logo symbolizes a place to hide from the rain», the brand founder explains.

About production and technology

The brand’s raincoats are created from a waterproof fabric that consists of polyurethane on a polyester base. «This fabric is lightweight and stretchy, and it’s comfortable to wear. Plus, this fabric can be spliced together. It’s the best combination for a raincoat», Arch says.

Raincoats use seam sealing technology, moisture-repellent zippers, as well as an additional ventilation system.

The fabric and accessories for clothing are chosen abroad, and the first collection of raincoats in a run of 100 copies was made in China. According to Likeria, the next collections will be produced in Ukraine, and the brand plans to produce new collections every season.

Where to buy

Arch сlothing is represented in the Kyiv vintage clothing store «Kashtan», Kyiv showroom «Ice» and Lviv space Socle. 

Price — 2 600 UAH.

Instagram Arch

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