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Locals: about minimalism and androgyny in the clothes of the Ukrainian brand WET IN CRIME

DTF Magazine tells about new and niche local brands in the section Locals.This time we present you the minimalist WET IN CRIME, which is mainly engaged in the production of outerwear.

About the brand

WET IN CRIME is a brand founded by HR specialist Olga Salova in Kiev in 2020. According to Olga, clothing production is a side-project that allows her to express her thoughts.

«I wanted to say something, but the words didn’t come. Now they find their sound in a different form, in the form of clothes. WET IN CRIME isn’t just clothes to me, though. It’s a whole system that I want to put together».

The brand adheres to the principles of minimalism, neutrality and versatility in clothing design. Initially WET IN CRIME produced waterproof raincoats and jackets, and then they gradually began to expand the range of women’s basic clothing (and they continue to do so). There are plans to launch a men’s line closer to the fall of this year.

The WET IN CRIME team consists of two people: there are Olga and the designer, who «assembles clothes».

About influence and philosophy

«Doubt is the key to action for WET IN CRIME . Your actions may not get support, they may be judged, but you have to be ready to ‘get wet’», says Olga, explaining the name of the brand.

According to her, WET IN CRIME is an idiom that does not exist in the English language. The phrase is deciphered as a combination of the phrase «partner in crime» (as accomplice) and the word «wet» (this is used as a reference to the brand’s clothing) and it also means «hesitant» person.

WET IN CRIME clothes are called SAFERs. Olga describes it as «the concept of being protected from one’s own fears and the aggressiveness of the environment».

Each SAFER has a number corresponding to the silhouette. For example, safer01 is a shirt, safer02 is an anorak, safer03 is a jacket.

«They protect against weather conditions in the literal sense and they protect against indecision and non-acceptance in the figurative sense», she says and adds that «the neutrality of the images, the muted colors and androgynous forms leave room for awareness of the overall idea and oneself in it».

About production and materials

WET IN CRIME production is located in Podol in Kiev. They use cloak fabric and synthetic materials to create clothes, such as lacquer, and part of the last spring-summer collection was made of tarpaulin.

Olga specified that they only take fabrics that meet their own «quality standard».

«We are committed to easy care and easy wear at WET IN CRIME . We repeatedly tested the white shirt (#safer01_ss21_white) in care. To put it bluntly, we washed it up to five times before presenting it. We understand that the practicality of such clothes will be expressed in their suitability for long-term daily use».

Where to buy

You can see the full range and buy clothes on the website of the brand, as well as in the corner on the third floor of the Central Department Store in Kiev.

 WET IN CRIME Instagram

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