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Mystictrax label has a new release: Listen to debut EP by Kyiv DJ Sominaryst

Kyiv-based DJ and electronic musician Sominaryst presented his debut EP Bezsonnia. It was released on Ukrainian label Mystictrax

This release is created in the genres of electro and breaks. It consists of six tracks.

‘Bezsonnia is about the everyday life that became a part of me and my loved ones during 2022-23. The album cover depicts roots dancing against a background of noise as a symbol of an unbreakable connection to authenticity’, Sominaryst explains the idea behind the EP.

The DJ also gave a brief history of the tracks recorded for the release. So Teren is inspired by Aphex Twin releases and samples from the Ukrainian folk song Tsvite Teren, and U poli is a dedication to all those who joined the army and ‘changed the dance floor to an open battlefields, where preparation for real combat operations takes place’, in particular to the musician and close friend of Sominaryst.

‘The broken base and huge array of sound hooks symbolize the emotions raging in the mind of a person who radically changes his lifestyle in the conditions of martial law’, the musician describes U poli.

The Funk funk funk track is based on ‘experiments with ‘acid’ analog synthesizer’, classic electro and a sample of the 1990s Jump Around single by American hip-hop trio House of pain. The single Ponad yarom ‘combines folk melodicism and bass depth’, as well as several dramaturgical parts ‘gradually brought to an emotional peak to eventually bring the listener back to the point of departure’.

Chas became a certain dedication to Kuzma and the band Skryabin, while Dunai was written by the musician after watching the 1953 film Zaporozhets za Dunayem, produced by the Dovzhenko Film Studios.

Sominaryst says that his passion for music began in childhood: at the age of nine the musician was professionally engaged in dancing, but later ‘changed it to drums and metal’.

In September 2022 Sominaryst presented a double single Osin’, and subsequently performed sets and live shows at the Brudnyi Pes festival and at events such as BRUKXT and ZDYBANKA. The DJ also became a part of a volunteer initiative called Repair Together — he played a set during one of the organization’s trips to the de-occupied village of Lukashivka, Chernihiv region.

In June 2023, the musician launched his own event Vseukrainska Breikarnya. Stas Koroliov and CHOCOLLAB took part in the first concert.


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