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Rapper Oi FUSK has released a new track

Hip-hop artist Oi FUSK has released a single, ‘suka khoche babla’, dedicated to his thoughts on consumerism. The release was ‘the first part of a triptych about the pressures each of us feels’

In the new track, alongside thoughts on consumer culture, Oi FUSK puts ‘self-observation and observation of the world’ that are ‘metaphorically packaged in a melancholy and playful musical form’.

‘Consumer culture has a big impact on our well-being. Every time we buy any kind of stuff, we feel a little better. Even knowing that this feeling will go away in an hour, we inevitably use that disposable plaster, — Oi FUSK explains the idea behind the track. —  Sometimes it feels like evolution created this process so that we cover the entire surface of the planet with a garbage shield and it flies away through light years’.

According to the artist, ‘suka khoche babla’ is also about being honest with yourself and being able to distinguish true desires from those imposed from without.

‘The duality of composition is that you always know what it is that energizes you the most. And the way to your true self is to listen to that’.

Oi FUSK grew up and was born in Donetsk and has been living in Kyiv since 2014.

He started making music back in his university years. In an interview with The Village Ukraine, the rapper said that although he has three russian-language albums, the ‘countdown of his career’ began with the release of the single ‘Po komu podzvin’ in May 2022.

‘Po komu podzvin’ is Oi FUSK’s reflection on russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. The rapper wrote the single on the second day after a russian missile hit his house in March 2022. Now Oi FUSK has several other works: ‘Piriachko’, ‘LOGOS’ and July’s ‘apteka tsilodobovo’, dedicated to pre-war life.


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