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Ukrainian Fashion Week appealed to the international fashion community to support Ukraine

A Ukrainian glossy magazine demanded an embargo on the export of fashion brands to russia in March. Now the Ukrainian Fashion Week team has released an appeal calling for «support for Ukrainian democracy that protects Ukraine and the entire free world from russia». They also put together six ways you can help

«We are the team of Ukrainian Fashion Week, and today we are appealing to you on behalf of the entire Ukrainian fashion industry, namely designers, models, stage directors, art directors, PR specialists, artists, photographers, graphic designers, creatives and all other fashion professionals,” reads the appeal.- We ask for your urgent support and loud resistance in these dark days!».

They put together a six-point guide on how to help Ukraine.

First, you have to ban russian goods: you have to stop cooperating with the aggressor country, withdraw from their market, and not serve customers. Here you can learn how to help isolate the russian economy.

Second, you need to be active and express yourself against the war on social media through informational banners, videos or newsletters.

The third point suggests joining fundraising to support the army or humanitarian aid and buying Ukrainian goods online.

Two other ways are to hire Ukrainians to provide additional income, for example, freelancers, and to organize an internal campaign.

Also Ukrainian Fashion Week offers companies and entrepreneurs «to be Elon Musk» and, if possible, to provide Ukraine with goods or services of their own production.

«Every person, every business, every organization plays an important role in stopping this ruthless, unwarranted and unprovoked invasion that threatens world peace», the team adds in a statement.

The full text of the appeal can be read here.


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