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UUA Velosport have released a drop-dedication to the bicycle «UKRAINE»

The UUA Velosport Association has released a drop dedicated to «the iconic Ukrainian-made bicycle». It included a white T-shirt and a dark green waterproof bag with the inscription «Ukraine»

«In 1960, the production of the V-120 “Ukraine” bicycle was established in Kharkiv. This model became a cult and has been the most popular transport in Ukrainian villages ever since», UUA Velosport wrote on Instagram.


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Допис, поширений UЮА ВЕЛОСПОРТ (@uuavelosport)

The price of the T-shirt is 1250 UAH, the price of the bag is 1100 UAH. You can order items on their Instagram.

50% of the sale proceeds will be given to the volunteer association «Livyj Bereh», which helps residents of the de-occupied territories, particularly from villages in the Chernihiv region.

Here we have compiled a selection of 13 items by Ukrainian brands that have adapted production to the new conditions in spite of the war. They sew for the needs of the military and present new drops, somehow dedicated to the theme of war and resistance of the Ukrainian people.

Buying them you can support not only a particular team, but also the AFU or humanitarian foundations — most of the brands on the list transfer funds to charity.

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