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‘Vtecha vid realnosti’ (Escaping from reality): Listen to the new EP by electronic producer Hanna Svirska

Kyiv-based producer and avant-pop artist Hanna Svirska has released a new EP ‘Zabuttya’. The release consisting of four tracks came out on Ukrainian label Mystictrax

According to Hanna Svirska, the central theme of the album is ‘escaping from reality’, which manifests itself in different ways: ‘It can be love, a hobby or a computer game. Just something that can help our brain to release the tension, something that can help us to relax’.

This is how the character of the track ‘Zabuttya’ ‘finds her oblivion in the state of dissolving in supernatural transcendental meditation’. Hanna Svirska told DTF Magazine that the first track of the EP was inspired by Lesya Ukrainka’s play ‘The Forest Song’.

‘There is no color, no sound, illusion, pain or remorse. There is only calm. She decides to stay there forever by making a deal with wandering spirits. They offer her a new body of wind and clouds if she never returns to the earth’, the artist explains the conception.

Three tracks from the EP were created in collaboration with Ukrainian electronic artists Pymin, Lostlojic and Revshark.

‘I wanted a little bit of a worn and warm lo-fi sound. Sound engineer Nikita Mekalin helped me with that. And for the track ‘Znamennya Pymin’ he made analog mastering using TDK bobbin tape, which gave the EP a feeling of pleasant weightlessness’.

A live presentation of the new EP will take place at the Mystictrax event at HVLV Bar on October 28.

In May, Hanna Svirska released ‘Yangola’, an EP featuring four tracks and one remix by Parisian experimental artist Aho Ssan. The cover of the album is the painting ‘Prayer for September’ by artist Sana Shahmuradova-Tanska, and the main theme is spring and faith in rebirth. 

Hanna Svirska is a Kyiv-based electronic producer and avant-pop artist. She started her career as a member of the duo Tunelilisu in 2018, and as a solo artist she has released several EPs.

Hanna combines deconstructed vocals, ambient and new-age with experimental electronica, nature sounds and Ukrainian poetry.

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