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Watch the trailer for Marysia Nikitiuk’s drama ‘Lucky Girl’

The first trailer for the film ‘Lucky Girl’ based on the real story of TV presenter Yanina Sokolova has been released. The drama, which will be screened in cinemas on September 7, was directed by director and poet Marysia Nikitiuk (‘When the Trees Fall’)

The film unfolds the story of Nina Sokil, a successful TV presenter who learns she has cancer. Her love, career and fans disappear, but this diagnosis helps her realize what is really most important in Nina’s life.


The film consists of fiction and documentary parts. Yanina Sokolova starred in the documentary part, and the psychologist and blogger Ksenia Khyzhniak and Oleksii Trytenko (‘I Work At The Cemetery’, ‘Kruty 1918’), who is serving in the AFU, starred in the fiction part.

Silver Bear winner Serhiy Mykhalchuk (‘The Wild Fields’, ‘The Guide’) is the cinematographer of the film, and Anton Baibakov (‘Iron Butterflies’, ‘The Gateway’) composed the music for the film. Ivan Bannikov (‘Luxembourg, Luxembourg’, ‘When the Trees Fall’) worked on editing.

‘Lucky Girl’ had its world premiere in the main competition of the 2022 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, and its Ukrainian premiere was held at the Mykolaichuk OPEN Audience Film Festival.

Marysia Nikitiuk’s debut feature ‘When the Trees Fall’ has made it into our top of iconic films of modern Ukraine. It premiered in the Panorama section of the 68th Berlin International Film Festival in 2018.

We also recorded a podcast about the phenomenon of Ukrainian poetic cinema with film director and cinema researcher Stas Bytiutskyi.

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