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‘What if I’m not my own’: the trailer for Anna Buryachkova’s ‘NAZAVZHDY-NAZAVZHDY’ (FOREVER-FOREVER) has been released

Pluto Film has released the first trailer for Ukrainian director Anna Buryachkova’s (‘When We Were 15’, music video for STASIK — ‘Heros die’) ‘NAZAVZHDY-NAZAVZHDY’ (FOREVER-FOREVER). It will be shown on September 8 and 9 in the Horizons Extra (Orizzonti Extra) program of the Venice Film Festival. This section presents ‘nine works that demonstrate ingenuity and creative originality in their relationship with the audience for whom they were made’

The plot of ‘NAZAVZHDY-NAZAVZHDY’ (FOREVER-FOREVER) is set in Kyiv in the late 1990s. After transferring from a downtown high school, Tonia joins a new badass gang of youngsters. They spend time together, roaming around Kyiv’s post-socialist suburbs, having fun and getting in trouble.


Soon Tonia falls in love with Zhurik, and her friendship with Lera makes her feel a longing for her brother Sania. And she finds herself tangled up in an alluring secret love triangle. But Tonia’s abusive past still haunts her, challenging this newfound friendship and romance.

Buryachkova wrote the script of the film together with Marina Stepanska (‘Falling’). Alina Cheban, Zachary Shadrin, Arthur Aliiev, Yelyzaveta Tsilyk, Daria Zhykharska and Daria Malakhova starred in the film.

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