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«World, wake up!»: Ukrainian musician Bohdan Konakov staged a performance in London

Ukrainian electronic musician Bohdan Konakov, aka Konakov, staged a performance at a London railway station to draw the world’s attention to Russian aggression on Ukrainian territory. He portrayed a murdered Ukrainian civilian

«Our band Alien Body is currently shooting a music video for the track Wake Up, which is about people waking up, gathering their thoughts and helping to defeat evil together, — Bohdan told DTF Magazine in a commentary. — I came up with the scene for the music video, which evolved into a performance. I chose a crowded place, namely the station. There, I laid down like a dead civilian, to draw attention to what’s going on in a lot of Ukrainian cities now. I hope I can get my message across to those in the U.K. who are not yet helping and supporting Ukraine».

The last video shows Bohdan being led out of the station by police officers during the performance.


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The musician called for donations in support of the residents of Ukraine, to come out to anti-war protests in their cities and to spread information about the war in Ukraine.

«With your support we can stop this war. With your help we can save lifes. Ukraine now is frontier of democracy and humanity. Russian orcs cruelly kill civilians, bombing schools and hospitals. They invaide us, because we are free people, right near their autocratic regime. Help us to stop evil. If Ukraine fall Europe will fall. If Ukraine fall – democratic civilization will fall. We stand strong but we need your help. Help us to stop this war».

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