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Banksy made a video about his trip to Ukraine. Let’s watch it

British artist Banksy published a one and a half minute video on Instagram about his trip to Ukraine. This video officially confirmed his authorship of seven works that the media had previously written about

In the video you can see the process of creating the work (among the unobvious things — the artist painted during the day), footage from Kyiv, including the sounds of the air-raid alarm, as well as destroyed houses in Irpin, Borodyanka and Horenka. All this is shown to the song «Chervona ruta», which is performed live by street musicians.

The video also includes fragments of conversations with local residents, in particular with a woman from Borodyanka, who talks about the bomb and the death of a person. And in the finale, one of the men in Kyiv, pointing to the artist’s work, says: «For this I would kick out all his teeth and break his legs».

If the video below doesn’t play, check it out on the artist’s Instagram.


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Публикация от Banksy (@banksy)

On November 11, Banksy published his first post on Instagram after nearly 11 months of silence. It was his work in Borodyanka.

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