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Double Triple team call the world action sports community to deny Russian athletes

don’t Take Fake and Radio Day teams as organizers of Double Triple Snow Fest and Double Triple Summer Fest as well as DTF Magazine editorial staff call the sports brands, international contests organizer and media

Read the full text of statement below:

«The war started by Russia in Ukraine touches every sphere of life. And sport is one of the most visible ones.

Athletes of the world have already signed the open letter to International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee claiming to suspend Russian athletes from the participance in international competitions including Paralympic Games that are starting in Beijing on March 4 (on March 3th International Paralympic Committee banned russian and belorussian teams from Paralympics-2022).

We’d like to add that we stand for isolation of Russian action sport athletes — skateboarders, BMX-riders, snowboarders, freeskiers who ignore the fact of attack from their state on Ukraine. We allowed you to take part in international contests in Kyiv regardless occupation of the part of our country by your army. You saw the life here by your own eyes, and now you forgot this and keep silence. But it will never repeat.

We call the world action sports community to deny Russian athletes:

— in participance of international contests. The organizers of one of the oldest action-contests in Europe have already supported this ban. They confirmed us this decision privately.

—  in publication of their content

— in sponsorship and more

Continuing any of this interaction you show indifference to the attack on one of the largest countries in Europe».


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