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Hero Cities. Artist Nikita Laptinov created logos for Ukrainian cities

Laptinov designed logos for cities that are under the greatest attack by russian troops, namely for Kyiv, Mariupol, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Hostomel, Irpin, Kherson, and Volnovakha.

The designer tried to stylize the fonts to match the chevrons of the military battalions, «which had a baptism of fire with their individual and aggressive designs». Although he himself notes that he was primarily struck and inspired by the resistance that the civilians put up against the russian troops

«This is exactly the kind of will that has been talked about so much, but there have been so few opportunities to see it, so I was overcome with pride. I decided to dedicate my work to cities that had suffered the hardest blows at the time of the design and were already hero cities», Laptinov tells DTF Magazine in a commentary.

According to the designer, he most likely formed the images of the logos intuitively, considering how the name of the city sounded to him in his head. For example, Nikita thought of Irpin «as something loose and prickly, and Mariupol as something more fabulous and refined».

Nikita says working on these logos helps him take his mind off his remaining friends in Kharkiv and the city itself. Laptinov had to leave after the start of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine because of the constant shelling by russian troops.

He moved to Kharkiv in 2014 from Luhansk, the city where he was born and grew up, after the russian occupation of the city.


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Laptinov began to delve more into the battle map and realized that the original list should be expanded, so he is now working on the second part of the project.

After completing the second part of the project, the designer plans to release merch, namely silkscreen on quality paper.

Earlier, Ukrainian electronic musician Bohdan Konakov, aka Konakov, staged a performance at a London railway station to draw the world’s attention to russian aggression on Ukrainian territory. He portrayed a murdered Ukrainian civilian.

We told you more about his performance here.

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