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«Illusion»: Luna released the first Ukrainian-language mini-album

Inside the «Illusion» EP there are seven tracks where «music and lyrics merge into one and create a musical illusion». The songs became a kind of reflection of the singer on the current period of her life and fixation of her own «transition into the new state»

In a commentary to DTF Magazine, Luna said that the idea of a Ukrainian-language mini-album was born after the release of the single «Ptashka» in the spring of 2022.

«Illusion» consists of seven tracks that combine «dance sound and light sadness», and reveal different states of love as illusion: love for native land (Kvity), love for self (Mona Lisa), love for man (Hto ty?).

«This mini-album is a special kind of illusion in which complex patterns (on a carpet or glass frozen in the cold) emerge and gradually develop complex fantastical paintings. This work is dedicated to those who love and appreciate themselves and others», reads the release description.

Luna adds: «“Illusion“ — physical, optical, aural, or tactile — is the totality of the deceptive states in which we all find ourselves. After all, it is a record in memory of these tumultuous times, which a person can appreciate and realize only after the fact».

According to Luna, the most difficult thing in working on the EP was to abstract and «hear herself». Some already written songs were not included in «Illusion» — the singer will present them later: «The task was not to add as many tracks as possible, but to make the release balanced».

When asked whether she planned to translate the old lyrics into Ukrainian, she replied: «I like to create something new and let the old remain as it is».

Luna is a Ukrainian singer and songwriter. Her career began in 2016, and her debut album «Magnets» was included in the top 20 of Ukrainian iTunes.

Besides it, the singer has three more studio albums to her credit — «Freedom Island», «Enchanted Dreams», and «Trance», as well as the mini-albums «Sad Dance» and «Fata Morgana».

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