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Koloah released a new video This is a teaser of his audio-visual performance about the war

Electronic musician Koloah has released a video for the track Overlook from the album Serenity, released in April. It will be part of a 45-minute audiovisual project based on the album, the release date of which is not yet known.

Koloah calls the music video for Overlook a kind of teaser for the future project. In it, shots of Ukrainian cities affected by the war alternate with screenshots of correspondence, maps of the airspace over Europe and prewar Google Street View streets.

«The purpose of the video is to remind the world what horrors our country is living with right now. The longer this goes on, the less the international community pays attention to what is happening here. We need to show people in different ways over and over again how the “russian world“ is trying to destroy Ukraine», Koloah describes the new work.

The video was directed by Mykyta Bereg.

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Koloah told DTF Magazine that in the full performance he would tell «a very personal story that took place against the backdrop of all the horrific events of these months». The project will be presented in a live format. It will also include music written during the war, which was not included on the last Serenity album.

Koloah released a new album Serenity in April of this year. According to the musician, he started working on the release before the full-scale russian offensive on February 24, and he wrote part of the tracks already during the war.

Serenity includes eight tracks. All proceeds from the album sales on Bandcamp will be sent to the account of the «Ukrainian IT Troops» charity foundation, which provides humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Ukraine.

Koloah says that «music has become his support and therapy in everyday hell». The album is a reflection on the current events in Ukraine: «All we see around us is fear, anger, pain, exhaustion, broken fates, innocent victims of the war, which has become a genocide of the Ukrainian people».

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