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Kyiv electronic music producer SVZZ released an EP

Producer and DJ SVZZ (aka Souzy, Geyera) has presented an EP called Exp Ep, which consists of seven tracks. The artist will release it only on the Bandcamp platform, and 30% of the income will be donated to charity. The cover for the album was created by Kyiv-based producer YUVI, with whom SVZZ collaborates from time to time

In the new work, the artist does not tell stories or describe experiences — he positions this release as ‘a compilation of different states and progressions of daily existence’.

‘Demos accumulate and the time comes when I need to release them, so that they don’t lose value in a lonely folder among hundreds of tracks. Plus the release was prompted by a good cause — to direct some of the funds to donations to once again remind listeners how important it is’, SVZZ comments on the release.

The producer says the track + Vibe is his favorite on the Exp Ep album.

SVZZ  is a Kyiv-based DJ and electronic music producer. He released his first work, the MOM ON THE RAVE [MOTR001], in 2019.

His tracks were released via Progressive Future, Polygon, Ovelhatrax, Crazed Behavior labels, and he played in Kyiv in clubs ∄ (club on Kyrylivska, 41), Closer, Colider, as well as in Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv and abroad — in Spitana (Krakow) , Mjut (Leipzig), Oxi (Berlin), Re:mise (Berlin), Cel (Katowice), Wyspa Tamka (Wroclaw).

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