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Kyiv label Polygon presented new compilation ‘Kyiv Military’

Launched in October 2022, Kyiv-based label Polygon has premiered its 11th release. It is a compilation album ‘Kyiv Military’ with remixes by seven Ukrainian musicians, complemented by a line of charity merch.

The label’s first release in the fall was the EP ‘Kyiv Military’ with two tracks by musicians RUSIIICK and Paat. This time Polygon presented ‘continuation of the story of the first album’ — ‘Kyiv Military (remix compilation)’. It consists of seven remixes by Native Outsider, Sub.Stance, 3RIP (Lugovskiy), PAN4EZ, Korper & Warm Roller and Lucian Forseti for the singles ‘Kyiv Military’ and ‘Zhraya’ presented in the original release.

The album cover was created by Ukrainian designer Artem Bilousov. The cover features a ‘collage showing free Kyiv’, made from photos by photographers Maksym Myronenko, Oleksii Samsonov and fcddsonia.

Along with the release, Polygon presented a line of charity merch: longsleeves with a print of the album title and lines from the track ‘Kyiv Military’. Belgian designer Christophe Szpajdel, known for his work with Metallica, and Ukrainian studio PIECEOFSHIRT worked on the design of the items featured in the collaboration. The label explains that ‘the merch represents the power and indestructibility of the Ukrainian capital, thanks to its courageous residents, during the war’.

If you buy the merch, the label also gives you access to the album ‘Kyiv Military (remix compilation)’ on Bandcamp. All proceeds from the sale of items will go towards the purchase of drones for the Ukrainian military.

Polygon label was launched in October 2022 by Garik Pledov, a Ukrainian musician and organizer of events including ‘The Art is the Weapon!’ and ‘Brudnyi Pes’.

With the help of Polygon they want to promote talented artists with original sound and authentic concept. The residents of the label will be Ukrainian DJs and producers representing different genres of electronic music.

Polygon will feature not only releases by local artists, but also joint works with foreign artists to ‘draw more attention to the Ukrainian scene and popularize local musicians abroad’.









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