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Mixmag started its work in Ukraine

Mixmag Ukraine, a magazine about electronic music and club culture, launched its official website and published an opening statement from the team. Mixmag franchise was acquired by Kyiv-based music agency Go West, co-founded by Oleksandr and Oleksii Varenytsia

On the website you can read news, articles and reviews on music releases from the editorial staff, as well as view the section with announcements of Ukrainian and world electronic events.

‘We are ready to go to any secret place according to the order, and then to be on our feet in a crowd among strangers until morning; ready in hundreds of different ways to influence our bodies, to jump, to scream, to give our best… Just because of the DJ? No, there is definitely something more here, — Oleksandr Varenytsia writes in the opening statement. — Otherwise, where do these words like ‘catharsis’ or ‘euphoria’ come from? Why are the hands raised to the sky? Cloud, sky and space are in the title of every second track’.


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What is known about Mixmag Ukraine

Announcing the launch of the magazine in July, Go West said that they plan to eliminate the position of editor-in-chief and leave only the issue editor, freelance authors and media management. The composition of the editorial staff of Ukrainian Mixmag is still unknown.

‘Those iconic editors that were at Mixmag UK — Dave Seaman and Dom Phillips — were running a print magazine specifically. There, the editor-in-chief is canon. A modern website should be, as they say, more flexible. Plus work with social networks’, Oleksandr Varenytsia, co-founder of Go West, told us.

At first, Go West co-founder Oleksii Varenytsia will be the issue editor of Mixmag Ukraine. According to Oleksandr, ‘something will be done by the team of the Ukrainian edition independently with local authors and heroes’, but there will also be ‘daily content packs by the British editorial team’.

‘The whole Go West team will be in active communication with representatives of the electronic scene. I, for example, dream of writing as a regular author. I dream of creating feature stories and collaborations with brands’.

Oleksandr adds: ‘We will try to blur and democratize the role of editor-in-chief for the sake of differences in opinions and tastes. It will be difficult for us because we need to look for a balance between different genres of electronic music. And there are so many of them. After all, one person has one particular kind of taste and point of view’.

In addition, Oleksandr said that they obtained a license not only to launch media, but also ‘for the brand’s broader activities in Ukraine’. We are talking about individual events, educational events and side projects that Migmax franchisees also launch in other countries.

Mixmag is one of the oldest media about electronic music and club culture, founded in the United Kingdom. The first issue was published on February 1, 1983. Currently it is represented in 19 countries and regions.

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