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∄ team launched a fund to support the musical and cultural community of Ukraine

Team of Kyiv club ∄ has created the fund ∄ Community Fund in order to provide financial, humanitarian and logistic help to the team of the club and representatives of Ukrainian music community «who faced difficulties with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia». Everyone can support the activity of the fund — you can donate by following the link

Project Objectives:

— Support people from the creative community of Kyiv and Ukraine.

— Assistance in finding transportation in Ukraine and for traveling abroad (cars, trains, buses).

— Searching for a temporary place of residence.

— Organization of the shelter.

— Assistance in finding employment in the EU.

— Psychological help.

— Financial aid.

— Structuring and providing vital information.


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Допис, поширений ∄ (official) (

«On February 24 Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then the Russian military hasn’t stopped destroying Ukrainian cities and shattering the lives of millions of people, whose world will never be the same again. During the last two years, we, the ∄ team, have been working on building up a safer space, which has become a place of refuge for thousands of people from all around the world, a place of culture, music and art with the values of love, respect and mutual support at its very core. In this moment of unprecedented crisis we are doing everything in our power to help members of our community, artists and more than 150 employees of ∄, whose livelihood is in jeopardy.

Today our team is all over Europe: some stayed in Kyiv, some are now in other cities in Ukraine, some have escaped abroad. Regardless of the distance between us, we all keep on working: some of our employees have joined the Territorial Defense Forces, some are volunteering in cities and some are helping from afar». 

 Earlier, the ∄ team launched the telegram bot «∄ Help», which helps Ukrainians with issues of evacuation to other cities or abroad, financial assistance, and seeking asylum.

Ukrainian labels Standard Deviation (project of ∄ club) and Mystictrax united for the joint release «TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE» on 5 March. This is a compilation of 65 Ukrainian and international electronic musicians.

All profits from the album sales on Bandcamp will be divided between such charitable foundations as «Come Back Alive» to support the Ukrainian army, a special account of the National Bank of Ukraine for humanitarian aid to residents of Ukraine and «Pride of Ukraine» for LGBTQIA+ warriors and victims of Russian aggression.

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