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The band Cape Cod has released a new EP

Cape Cod musicians will present a five-track EP titled «Match Point». Along with the EP the band released a video clip for the track of the same name

«Match Point» was supposed to be released back in 2022, but it was postponed due to the start of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. The description says that the release remained as originally planned, but over time the songs acquired «new meanings and deeper significance».

According to sound producer Maksym Sikalenko, «Match Point» «was supposed to be a new level in the band’s work» because the musician began to write his own lyrics to the songs.

«I wanted to talk to my listener as an equal, raising topics that were specific to my generation. But with the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the attitude to music and creativity has changed 360 degrees, — Maksym said. — Now creativity has to be purposeful and less superficial: it should motivate or give people a little rest in order to keep working for victory or catalyze support for the army or volunteers».

In addition to the EP, Cape Cod presented the video for the «album’s focus track» — «Match Point». The single reflects difficult times in human relationships and is a reinterpretation of the music of the 2000s.

The video clip is filmed in the style of horror: there is a monster between two lovers (Vadym Kyrylenko and Mariia Ozirna), which they are forced to overcome.

«Match Point is a situation in tennis in which one player can win the match by winning the next point. So the song is about the situation in a relationship, when people, for different reasons, do not have enough strength to achieve personal happiness. The song is about the inner struggle of two people on the way to their common happiness», Maksym Sikalenko explained.

Cape Cod is an electronic music project created by sound producer and musician Maksym Sikalenko in 2011.

In 2016 he presented his debut album Cult, and in 2018 he released Echoes, his second LP featuring foreign vocalists. In 2021 vocalist Oleksii Bodnar joined the band.


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