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The establishments on Nyzhnoyurkivska Street have joined together in a common project. What you need to know about it

Clubs and establishments on Nyzhnoyurkivska, 31 united into the public organization «Strichkotkacka Fabryka» and announced the launch of a new project «Na chasi» (On time), which will start on June 25. Its goal is to support Ukrainian artists, performers, and their own establishments, which are currently struggling. DTF Magazine talked to the team of the association and tells about the new project

About the «Na chasi» project

«Na chasi» is a series of daytime events from the «Strichkotkacka fabryka» team. The event will be held every second Saturday of the month — it will cover almost the entire area of Nyzhnoyurkivska, 31. The first event is scheduled for June 25.

The program includes: performances, appearances of local musicians, markets, exhibitions of contemporary art, tattoo marathons, as well as lectures on music, psychology and urban studies.

«The name ”Na chasi” (On time) emerged as the antithesis of the constant expression ”Not in Time”, behind which it is convenient to hide all problems and troubles, to postpone them until a better moment. Culture is a living communication that is constantly happening; it cannot be stopped. ”Na chasi” is a series of events about art, without searching for the perfect moment, because it doesn’t exist. Here and now», the project organizers wrote in the announcement.


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The team has already launched a presale of tickets: instead of a fixed-price format, those wishing to get to the event must make a donation to the account of the «Strichkotkacka fabryka», the amount of which starts from 200 UAH. The first tickets are available in limited quantities of 200 tickets, and later the price will increase. The initial donation amount will be 250 UAH, and a ticket at the door will cost 300 UAH after the official announcement of the program.

All funds will be used to support Ukrainian artists and the space at 31 Nyzhnoyurkivska Street.

About the idea of the new project

In comments for DTF Magazine, Andriy Savinykh and Andriy Siguntsov of the NGO «Strichkotkacka fabryka» team said that after the full-scale war began on February 24, part of the Nyzhnoyurkivska team stayed in Kyiv and began volunteering, thanks to which «a relaxed atmosphere of solidarity, respect and quality emerged».

Two humanitarian teams Art Save Life and «Podolyanochka» were created on the territory of the art-space, the team of the Closer club made czech hedgehogs and spikes, the co-founder of the Closer club Serhiy Vel was searching for and buying transport for the AFU and food for the volunteer center, the Otel’ club team organized a warehouse and made «Molotov cocktails», and Savage Food workers prepared food for the territorial defense of Kyiv.

«It has become clear that this is a time of change when life in Kyiv has normalized to a certain extent. We need to change the models of habitual activity, support each other, and involve all possible organizational and communication resources to support defenders of Ukraine», Savinykh and Siguntsov said.

A one-day charity festival «Art-weapon» with performances by musicians, an exhibition of art works, theatrical performances and tattoo sessions was held back on May 14 at 31 Nyzhnoyurkivska Street. According to Savinykh and Siguntsov, the event «clearly showed that people need contemporary culture, that nothing has stopped but is gaining momentum, and art can really be a weapon against ignorance and russian aggression».

«Of course, art can’t prevent wars or end them, but it has the potential to draw people in, to appeal to them in a way that no other medium can», they added.

What will be in the program of the first event on June 25

The territory of 31 Nyzhnoyurkivska Street will be divided into five music stages, where local artists will perform on June 25. Black Metal zone will be placed in Otel’ club, Dvir location will feature hip-hop and mash-up musicians, «Lada Garden» territory will be an ambient zone, noise performances will take place in Wild Stone, and DJ sets will take place at Lesnoy Prichal.

Guest musicians include Maryana Klochko, Rustam, Kiss Alah, Pledov, Emil Asad, Lazy Jesus, Lostlojic, jockii druce, Vvanya Samokrutkin, Ghost Cities, Hryvni and Emergency Loop.

A new episode of DTF Magazine Mix by Maryana Klochko:

In addition, the program of the first «Na chasi» includes an exhibition of contemporary art with works by Ukrainian artists Diana Azuz, Alina Kleytman, Antigonna, Mykyta Kadan, Roman Mykhaylov, Andriy Chepurko, Siguntsov and Gorlivka_95, as well as visual performances, tattoo marathon and a series of lectures.

There will also be a market, where you can buy music records, artwork or designs by Ukrainian musicians and artists.

About the creation of the public organization «Strichkotkacka fabryka»

The team gathered almost all the establishments of the art space on Nyzhnoyurkivska, 31 in a «single legal organism».

«It should have happened earlier, but for some reason it happened only now, — Savinykh and Siguntsov recount. — After all the restrictions that appeared during the pandemic and the new ones related to martial law, the question of closing basic needs for the factory establishments became urgent, not to mention some kind of development. We decided to create an association on the principle of housing co-op to jointly manage the common property and develop the factory as a creative cluster, although there is also shoe and furniture production, a gym, a weaving tape workshop and even robot production, which is unknown to the general public». 

According to the team, the initiative was supported by almost all tenants of the territory.

Serhiy Vel, co-organizer of the projects of the Closer club and the Strichka and Brave Factory festivals, was elected chairman of the «Strichkotkacka fabryka». According to them, Andriy Savinykh, initiator of the public organization and owner of the recording studio Uncovered, became the secretary of the organization, and Yelyzaveta Merkulova from Grey Cat became the in-house lawyer.

Pavlo Dergachov (Otel), Dima Isaienko (20ft Radio), Alexander Kapusta (Mezanin), Yulia Gavrylova (Cinema Workshop South), Dima Romas (Loft-31), Volodymyr Korolyov (Shoom), Olha Bezdvorna (Savage Food) and Serhiy Nikitin (PlusPlus), and Andriy Siguntsov, curator of the Odesa Museum of Contemporary Art, also joined the organization.

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