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A New Season on ‘Kyrylivska’ Be Like: A Queer Party, Lectures, and Even Longer Club Nights

The new season in the Kyiv club ∄ also known as ‘Club on Kyrylivska’ and ‘K41’ has been named ​S(t)imulation Zone and starts on 5 June. The first part is dedicated to Pride Month, while the new events encompass the ∄’s first queer party «ХІТЬ» (LUST), lectures, workshops, and film screenings. Keep reading this article by DTF Magazine to learn more

What the new season is about

Traditionally, the club team has launched a new season ​website.​ This time it’s designed as a visual online publication ​S(t)imulation Zone where you can find Easter egg links to books, articles, maps, and other online resources. All of them reveal the main theme of the season related to sexuality and gender.

‘By questioning inaccurate stereotypes about sex and various manifestations of gender, the S(t)imulation.Zone season seeks to create an open space for deconstructing conventional social structures about sexuality and gender, broadcasting positive messages about sex and erotica, opposing body politics, and rethinking intimacy’, the ∄’s team wrote.

The website will be complemented by the S(t)imulation Zone printed edition curated by the Berlin duo CROSSLUCID. The issue is based on their research into digital intimacy. It includes interviews with CROSSLUCID, a selection of essays and poems, resources from the Ukrainian queer community, and playlists from queer artists.

What’s different in the new season

So far, the season programme for June only has been announced. During the first month of summer, the events on Kyrylivska are dedicated to Pride Month. Besides the traditional parties (Club Night), the team has announced a lecture on the history of LGBTQ+ movement in Ukraine, a film screening in collaboration with the Sunny Bunny programme of the Kyiv Film Festival ‘Youth’, artist talks, and workshops.

One of the key events will be «ХІТЬ» (LUST), the club’s first queer party. According to the website, this is a ‘new queer format’ that will take place once a season on Friday. It’s still unknown who will perform at the party.

Another new format is a special two-day event on 24–25 July.

Who will play sets on Kyrylivska

Club Night will traditionally take place every Saturday night with a daytime part on Sunday at the Backyard open-air dance floor.

Among the ​already confirmed artists are SPFDJ, lolsnake, Marcel Dettmann, Tijana T, Antigone, Zozo, Marie Montexier, Wallis, Alinka, Setaoc Mass. 

is a Kyiv club on 41 Kyrylivska Street in Podil. It positions itself as a ‘safe non-binary space’. In addition to parties, ∄ holds concerts, exhibitions, and workshops. It owns a label ​Standard Deviation​ that has four releases. Learn more about the club ​here​​ and ​here​.​

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