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‘Club on Kyrylivska’ turned four years old. Its team names four iconic sets that sounded within its walls

In four years ∄ became one of the key players in the local electronic scene and the most famous Ukrainian club in the world. However, the project team did not limit themselves to parties only: they launched Standard Deviation label, where they release music, zines and merch, held a series of lectures, shows, exhibitions and concerts (fresh format — MIASMA OF THE REAL), founded a charity fund K41 Community Fund, which aims to support both the community, and volunteers and military personnel opposing russian aggression, and also became one of the initiators of the creation of an association of Kyiv clubs and festivals UNight.

The opening of the club’s main space in the building of the former brewery and Ground Floor dance floor took place on November 21, 2019. Although parties have been held on the territory of the ∄ club before — for about six months events were held at the Basement locations (which was really a dance floor in a large basement) and at Garden, now known as Community Cafe Garden, where in particular 20ft Radio is located. Since opening, ∄ has launched the Concert Hall space, the Glass Tower dance floors, the already iconic outdoor Backyard, and the main and largest — Second Floor.

In honor of its four-year anniversary ∄ will hold a two-day event on November 18–19, during which they will raise money to buy DJI Mavic 3 drones for the 72nd Mechanized Brigade named after the Black Zaporozhians. The lineup features 14 artists, including resident artists Nastya Vogan and Recid, new names of the Ukrainian scene, as well as three foreigners BJARKI, ALINKA and Phase Fatale who will play b2b with local artists. DTF Magazine asked the club’s team to choose some iconic sets that have been played at the club since its existence.

‘It was hard for us to choose only four sets because we had many more outstanding and special performances and not all of them are on our SoundCloud, — the ∄ team said. — But here are those special sets and at the same time moments (in random order) that were created during these 4 years and that our team still remembers’

1. Recid

closing set of the party at Backyard (June 5, 2021)

‘This set by our resident artist probably represents the perfect party at Backyard. It was a really magical sunny Sunday and towards the evening it started to rain. The rain got heavier, but everyone kept dancing. Everyone who was there that day will remember this set by Recid forever’

2. M.E.S.H.

final set from last year’s club birthday party (2022)

‘M.E.S.H. is a longtime friend of the club. And he’s the first foreign DJ to come to play after the full-scale invasion began. It was a period of blackouts and constant missile attacks on Kyiv. And it was our first large-scale party, during which the power went out several times, but the atmosphere in the club was really special. As was the closing set by M.E.S.H. Later he said it was the best and most memorable set of his career’

3. Solid Blake

set at an old location recorded in the first year of the club’s existence

‘It’s a set that evokes nostalgia for the very beginning of our journey, long before Ground Floor, Backyard and Second Floor existed. It’s also one of our chef’s favorite sets’

4. CEM

set from the second party recorded after the clubs opened after the lockdown

‘This set is a reminder of a difficult period for all of us that brought many challenges to the club. It’s a time of pandemic, as well as the smiley face masks that have become a symbol of our community. It’s also one of our bar manager’s favorite sets’»

+4 mixes

recorded especially for DTF Magazine MIX by the artists who will perform at the club’s 4th anniversary event on November 18-19. More mixes — on our SoundCloud DTF.


This fall ∄ together with the brand PIECEOFSHIRT created the club’s merch. It includes Respect My Borders T-shirts in two colors, and the key design features are the phrase Respect My Borders as one of the key rules of the club (it is also a hand stamp of the ∄ club) and a yellow smiley face.

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