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Alexey Kondakov’s charity exhibition devoted to the Azov Sea coast will be held in Kyiv

On April 29 at 7:30 p.m. artist Alexey Kondakov will hold a charity exhibition «Blue Series» dedicated to the Azov Sea coast in Kyiv’s Gol’da music bistro. Six paintings will be sold at the event

The artist worked on the «Blue Series» several years ago, recalling a vacation with his family on the Bilosarayska kosa (spit) peninsula. «Unfortunately, since 2014, I haven’t been able to visit Donetsk. These works are small memories that I have left», Kondakov says.

During the week-long exhibition, six paintings (in a limited edition) can be purchased using a QR code, and the price for each work will be 120 EUR. The buyer can choose the format of the print and the frame in which he wants to place the artwork.

By selling his works, Alexey plans to raise 100,000 UAH, which will be used to purchase two Mavic drones for the 3rd Battalion, 101st Brigade of the General Staff Armed Forces of Ukraine (grenade launcher operators).

This exhibition will start a series of charity events, which will take place in Gol’da music bistro. The next will be an exhibition of works by the illustrator Sergiy Maidukov.

Alexey Kondakov is known for his series of surreal photo collages 2 Reality, which the media have called the «The Daily Life of the Gods». In it, the heroes of classical works of art are «placed» in our everyday life: subways, streetcars, underpasses, markets, etc. All the scenes are shot by the artist on his cell phone.

One of his collages was used by Frank Ocean in his zine called Boys Don’t Cry.

The artist also collaborates with local projects: he has released a series of posters with Rhythm Büro and hosts the author’s show «Zona vidpochynku» (Recreation Area) on Gasoline Radio.

In 2021 he published a book of his own collages entitled An Imaginary Journey and Everybody I Met along the Way.

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