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Artist Zhanna Kadyrova created a new project — a series of stickers of russian rockets

Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova showed what her new project Russian Rocket 2022 looks like. It’s a series of stickers in the form of a russian rocket

Kadyrova put stickers on the windows of foreign vehicles to once again remind of russia’s war against Ukraine. The missiles depicted on the stickers look as if they are flying over the cities — similar to real russian missiles over Ukraine.

A video of Zhanna’s artistic process was shown on Twitter by Kateryna Voichuk, co-founder of the Musicians Defend Ukraine charitable foundation.

In April 2022, Zhanna Kadyrova and artist Denys Ruban, who at the time left Kyiv and temporarily settled in Zakarpattia, presented the exhibition «Palianytsia». In this way, the artists «paid tribute to the code word for exposing spies».

The exhibits were made from natural stone collected on the river bank in the village of Berezovo, Zakarpattia region. All the works could be purchased, and funds from the sales were donated by Kadyrova and Ruban to help volunteers and territorial defense.

«During the first two weeks of the war, I thought that art was something unreal, that the 20 years of my artistic career were a dream, that art was absolutely powerless and ephemeral compared to the ruthless machine of militarism that destroys peaceful cities and human lives. Now I don’t think so. I see that our work is being noticed and our voices are being heard», Zhanna comments.

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