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Corridor Audio has released a compilation album with tracks by 25 Ukrainian musicians

Ukrainian label Corridor Audio, founded by musicians Tymur Samarsky (Splinter UA), Mykyta Gryaznov (Friedensreich) and Ivan Pogodichev (Vaxoid) in 2016, presented a compilation album We Are Invincible. It includes 25 tracks of Ukrainian electronic scene representatives, recorded «shortly before the aggression of russian war criminals»

The release can be purchased on Bandcamp. All proceeds from the sale will be given to several charitable foundations in support of Ukraine, namely «Come Back Alive», UAnimals, «Vostok-SOS» and to the currency account opened by the Department of Social Development of Kherson Regional Military Administration, to help residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region.

The album includes tracks by Voin Oruwu, Recid, Friedensreich, NFNR, Louwave, Splinter (UA) and others.

«It is difficult to predict what music will become in the future. But we are sure that the new music will definitely be, the music of peaceful Ukraine, the music of a free land, the music of strong heroes, filled with fury and strength to fight for the future of their independent state», Corridor Audio writes.

Ukrainian labels Standard Deviation (project of ∄ club) and Mystictrax have teamed up for the joint release «TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE» in early March. It’s a compilation of 65 Ukrainian and international electronic musicians.

All profits from the sale of the album were transferred to the «Come Back Alive» charity fund to support the Ukrainian army, to a special account of the National Bank of Ukraine for humanitarian aid to Ukrainian residents and to the «Pride of Ukraine» organization for LGBTQIA+ warriors and victims of russian aggression.

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