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Designer Olexiy Kondakov created a series of NFTs and prints in support of Ukraine

Kondakov will auction five NFT photo collages at Bonhams in London and will also sell a limited-edition collection of prints. All proceeds will go to World Central Kitchen, an organization that provides food for Ukrainian refugees and displaced people

A series of NFT photo collages was called «Reverberate Ukraine». It includes five works devoted to Kyiv and Chernihiv, in which the designer combined photos of cities and classic paintings.


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Допис, поширений 🇺🇦 Alexey Kondakov (@alksko)

«You Can’t Even Imagine It»

«This work is about understanding and feeling war in your home. It’s hard to imagine it. No one wants to think about it, everyone thinks they will be spared something like this. It’s easy to stay away if you don’t know what war is and if you’re just tired of the news. Unfortunately, only someone who has seen war can truly understand».

This photo was taken near the «Lukianivska» metro station, not far from where the house that was damaged by the russian attack on Kyiv on March 15 is located.

«Sleepless Nights in Chernihiv»

«The air-raid alarm goes off several times during the night, so people have to wake up and run for cover. This is the pressure that Ukrainians face every day and night. The war is wearing us down. The thought that you could be killed at any moment sucks all the energy out of people, it’s a new weight we carry with us every day.

I took this photo in a random yard in one of Chernihiv’s streets. I first visited it three days before the war began. Now this part of the city is almost destroyed by russian troops».

«Peaceful Evening in Kyiv»

«Every day and every second all Ukrainians have a dream inside them: “What if the war were over now or very soon? What a wonderful life that would be! It would be a different life, a life we all didn’t have before. We wouldn’t lose a single moment of this peaceful life!”

I took this photo during my random visit to downtown Kyiv in the fall of 2021».

«Behind Three Walls»

«The guidebook on tips for surviving a bombing notes that there should be at least three walls between the outside wall of the building and the windows, preferably by the elevator shaft or stairs — they are less likely to be destroyed in the event of a bombing. This is why people sleep in the common corridors of high-rise buildings, because there are no bomb shelters near their homes.

I took this photo at my parents’ house; we had to sleep on air mattresses outside the apartment. Only in this case we had three walls that could save us from missile attacks».


«The supermarket shelves emptied with the outbreak of war. Every day is a game of survival, you wake up and plan to find something you can store for a long time such as yeast to bake your own bread, milk for children, medicine for diabetics. What will you lack tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? Are you ready to be helpless? Are you really ready to lay siege to your city?

I took this photo in the “Silpo” supermarket. Fortunately, not all the shelves there were empty. People are doing everything to avoid a full-blown humanitarian crisis».

The auction will run from May 3 to 12.

Оlexiy Kondakov is known for his series of surrealist photo collages 2 Reality, which has been called «The everyday life of the gods» in the media. In it, the heroes of classical works of art are «inscribed» in our everyday life, namely in the subway, streetcars, underpasses, markets, etc. All the subjects are shot by the artist on his cell phone.

One of his collages was used by Frank Ocean in his zine called Boys Don’t Cry.

The artist has also collaborated with local projects: he released a series of posters with Rhythm Büro and created the cover of the third printed issue of DTF Magazine.


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Допис, поширений don’t Take Fake | DTF Magazine (@donttakefake)

He published a book of his own collages called An Imaginary Journey and Everybody I Met along the Way in 2021.

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