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Dnipro record label Dnipropop is going on a charity tour of Ukrainian cities

On June 23, Dnipropop, the record label of the Dnipro music formation called Module, started the charity music tour Dnipropop show. It will last till July 16 and includes nine cities of Ukraine, and the first stop will be Ivano-Frankivsk

The goal of the initiative is to raise funds for the MODULE SQUAD military who have been ‘carrying out missions on the difficult steppe terrain’ for more than a year.

In total, thanks to the tour the Module team plans to support about 20 people — their colleagues from the record label and creative formation Module, including co-founder Mykyta Kozachynskyi, bartender Yurii, engineer Jobe and administrator Dalek, resident DJs, as well as visitors who are currently fighting.

Earlier Mykyta Kozachynskyi was one of the heroes of the documentary Resident Advisor Ukraine: Nightlife in Resistence about the electronic scene in Ukraine after russia’s full-scale invasion.

How did the idea for the Dnipropop show come about

In the commentary to DTF Magazine co-founder of Module and Dnipropop Yevhen Honcharov said that back in the middle of 2022 the team had an idea of the tour aimed at raising funds for the military — first of all it had to be European. The musicians put the project on pause because they didn’t receive permission to leave the country from the Ministry of Culture, but then they returned to it.

‘The idea for the new tour, this time across Ukraine, came from our artist-in-residence, electronic musician from the WARnyakannya band and VGNVJ sound engineer Andrii Sokolov (aka Walakos). He had a window between work and touring with WAR, so he offered to try again and other artists from our community agreed’.

Yevhen added: the Dnipropop team has chosen the format of live performances because ‘they see it as a primary value’.

‘This year, four of our artists have presented albums and are on their way to present material, DJs will support them in some cities, and there will be collaborations with secret guests in some cities’.

In what cities will the performances take place

At the moment the team announced performances in nine cities: Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Khmelnytskyi, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Ternopil, Vinnytsia and Dnipro.


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Допис, поширений Dnipropop (@dnipropop)

When asked if Dnipropop plan to continue this kind of format after the end of the tour, the team said: ‘Everything will depend on external circumstances. I would like to. I would really like to go to the south of Ukraine. In the current situation you are not really sure if you can do what you have planned. Hopefully everything will go well and we can start planning vol. 2.’.=

Who will perform Dnipropop show

The team calls Dnipropop show a kind of ‘showcase of the Dnipropop record label’.

Among the musicians who will play during the tour are the following record label artists: live musicians Ship Her Son, Monotonne, Maxandruh, Walakos, and KSZTALT, and DJs Evgen Ice and Funky Roger.

‘The music program will be quite multi-genre. There will be post-industrial, trip-hop, IDM, breaks, jungle — all kinds of non-trivial electronic music. Our label has no stylistic connections to something specific. Only quality and originality’, Honcharov explained.

All the live shows and sets will be accompanied by visual elements, because ‘they are an integral part of the performance’. The team added that the visuals are prepared separately for each artist, and Ship Her Son is bringing a full audiovisual performance to the tour.

The lineup of artists for each city will vary — you can read about it in the announcements, which the team will publish on Instagram gradually before the events.


Переглянути цей допис в Instagram


Допис, поширений Dnipropop (@dnipropop)

In August the Ukraïner platform released a 23-minute documentary about Module. The video shows how the team that organized the largest electronic parties in Dnipro, ran the DJ school and the music record label Dnipropop refocused on helping the military and civilians after the full-scale invasion began.

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